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Instagram guides – how to get started…

1 hour video training with REAL EXAMPLES + IDEAS FOR YOU TO USE straight away!

WHAT you get…

I promise that this one hour free training session will be jam-packed full of practical and actionable steps to help you use Instagram Guides in your tourism or hospitality business from tomorrow!


intro to

Instagram Guides – what is it and why you should use it!


Live demo

Screen share live demo of how to easily set-up your first guide


Real-Life Examples

Loads of real-life examples and ideas of how you can use Instagram Guides

“I’m learning so much!”

“The marketing club is so positive and I’m finding it incredibly useful. You don’t know what you don’t know and the monthly training workshop, weekly fresh content ideas and weekly drop-in session with Sarah are amazing. Starting from scratch with craft workshops and holiday accommodation to fill we need to hit the ground running. I’m learning so much and the support is just what I need for the launch and beyond.”

Jo – Hope Farm Retreats

Your expert guide

Hi, I’m Sarah…

I’ve been successfully working in and marketing experiences in tourism and hospitality for longer than I care to remember (well 27 years to be precise). So I’ve stayed the distance and know what I’m talking about.

After 16 years in the ‘Corporate’ world of travel marketing, I left to set out on my own, somewhat into the unknown…

I wasn’t sure what I would do BUT I knew I had to be able to make more of a difference and help people in business.

For 14 years, I have run a successful marketing consultancy and have worked with small business owners – to launch new businesses, turn others around from the financial brink, advise business owners looking to diversify their offering, and achieving occupancy rates many others long for (without using expensive OTAs!).

Last year, I fulfilled a long held dream and launched our own luxury treehouse glamping business with my husband Ade.

It’s been a 5 year long vision… 

But I applied everything the last 27 years had taught me and used my own systemised marketing approach for our own launch. I know it works… we got over 50 bookings in just 19 days!

Just 5 weeks later, on Monday 23rd March 2020, like for so many of you, our world and dreams were turned upside down. We had to ask our guests to pack up and leave and we closed the doors on the treehouse. Not knowing what to expect next and how we were going to survive financially.

As we all now look towards getting ready to re-open (yet again!), I wanted to share my marketing expertise to help your business thrive not just survive post lockdown. For all of us, ‘back to normal’ cannot come quickly enough!

I hope you will join me. 

Sarah Orchard | Chartered Marketer & Fellow of the CIM

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“More ideal guests”

“Sarah’s crystal clear approach has really helped me get to grips with my marketing and shown me how to get more of my ideal guests and more direct bookings to fill midweeks and out of season periods. Priceless in my view!”

Fran – Seven Hills Hideaway