Growing up I took the conventional road, I did my diligent studies and transitioned into a corporate career in the travel industry.

Despite my initial aspirations of becoming an accountant (I was good at maths but I know I’m not very accountanty!!), I quickly realised that wasn’t the career for me during my second year at uni. I did a placement in marketing and instantly realised I had found my path…

I knew straight away that’s where I wanted to be. It allowed me to indulge my creative side but also use the analytical streak I have. I also find human behaviour fascinating so for me, marketing is the perfect blend of 3 key sills I am strong in.

For the next 15 years, I worked my way up through various marketing roles, for leading global brands including Kuoni, BTI Hogg Robinson and Avis car rental. The corporate ladder seemed like the ultimate pursuit. But the more I climbed, the more I realised I was doing less of the hands-on part of marketing I loved. I didn’t want to be in endless meetings and battling the corporate politics. That wasn’t what got me out of bed in the mornings. Marketing was my passion, not everything else that came along with senior management.

So looking back, I guess I was always ready to do something different…

So, in 2004, my husband, Ade, and I chucked our stress-filled corporate jobs out the window. We even rented out our beloved first home. Why? To embark on a 6-month whirlwind adventure around the world. The decision was daunting (some said reckless!), but it was the best decision we ever made.

And as we finally relaxed and explored, fate intervened in the form of a child-like treehouse stay that would forever alter the course of our lives. Returning home to take back up corporate jobs again we had itchy feet.

Over the next decade, we began scouring the UK for the perfect spot to create our own treehouse haven for fellow explorers.

Next, our dream life began (or did it?)

Fast forward to August 2016 and thanks to help from the BBC’s Escape to the Country TV show, we stumbled upon our dream location—a somewhat dated hilltop cottage overlooking the stunning Wye Valley, where England gives Wales a neighbourly nod across the mighty meandering river Wye below.

Three years later after much delays due to planning application prep, in 2019, we started building our dream escape, and just 8 months after that, we were finally ready to open our doors on 14 February 2020. Of course, the pandemic decided to crash the party (on and off) for the next 18 months or so. Like many of you, we faced some very uncertain times and cashflow issues.

But when we were finally able to welcome guests to our treehouse, the magic happened. My email list that I had been growing since we started the build enabled us to launch and sell 50 stays in just 19 days. That was a third of a year one’s bookings!

Now, looking back, thanks to 30 years of marketing savvy and some stellar PR and partnerships, I’ve managed to pocket £65k in savings by booking guests 100% direct and never paying a penny in commission to a third party online agent!

But that’s not where the story ends…

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a host but taking a bit of a breather from working my marketing magic with clients made me realise just how much I missed it. However, I was done with the cutthroat corporate circus. I’m all about simplifying marketing and getting things done! I’m a roll-up-your-sleeves marketing doer at heart.

And so Get Fully Booked was born…

Sarah Orchard | Marketing Expert & Glampsite Business Owner

You see, people make marketing far more complicated or scary than it needs to be.

But it is essential if you want to run a successful business and survive. After all. If nobody knows you exist, how will they buy from you?

My philosophy? Well, making it as simple and straightforward as possible and giving you the confidence that you can really do it! That’s where my true passion lies—empowering ambitious holiday and hospitality business owners, just like you.

Watching businesses like yours thrive and get results is what fuels my fire each day. Armed with the right marketing ‘know-how’ and confidence, you can not only do it yourself but also enjoy doing it too!

It’s the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring holiday and hospitality businesses like yours that keeps me jumping out of bed every morning, ready to tackle the world (even after 30 years of doing it!)

Sarah Orchard | Chartered Marketer & Fellow of the CIM

“Real ‘aha’ moments!”

“Sarah’s marketing blueprint really gave me food for thought. I’ve been running two successful holiday cottages and I’ve just launched two luxury glamping cabins. I’d say I have a good grasp of my marketing but this course gave me a fresh look at what I have been doing and I had some real ‘aha’ moments. It was fun to work through – Sarah makes it really easy to follow and clear to do. Thank you. I can’t wait to put what I have learned into place and be less reliant on Airbnb in the future!”

Lorraine – The Roost Luxury Glamping

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Marketing Expert Speaker at The Book Direct Show 2021 - Sarah Orchard
Marketing Expert Speaker at The Book Direct Show 2021 - Sarah Orchard
Expert Marketing Speaker - The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022 - Sarah Orchard
Expert Marketing Speaker - The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022 - Sarah Orchard