Here are my favourite tools and apps to make my marketing quicker and easier

These are the marketing tools of my trade that I use every day. Some of my recommendations below have an affiliate link, which means I may receive a small commission if you decide to buy through my link. Rest assured I recommend all of these tools and apps because I use them and love them, and I think they will really move your business forward.


MailChimp provides complete email marketing management.

There are free and paid plans enabling you to manage subscribers, send email campaigns, analyse data and even build landing pages.



Stayfi is a great tool to improve your guest experience and direct bookings.

Stayfi offers brand WiFi, the ability to collect guest email data, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience.

guest experience

Touch Stay provides digital guides so you can reduce guest questions and boost your upsells & extra sales.

Simply create a user-friendly digital guidebook, then share a link with guests.

booking management/PMS

Glamp Manager provides booking management specifically for glamp sites.

It seamlessly integrates into your own website as well as connecting with popular online booking agents (OTAs).


WordPress is one of the most versatile and easy to use platforms for building your website.

With endless themes and templates available, you can quickly and easily have your website ready to go.

Google Analytics

 Google Site Kit (free plugin for WordPress) makes understanding your analytics simpler than ever so you can understand exactly how your website is performing at all times.


 Yoast SEO is a free plugin for WordPress websites that guides you through exactly what is needed to improve the on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of each of your web pages and includes a free version and a premium version depending on your needs and budget.

Video Editing

 CapCut makes video editing and design quick and easy. Create eye-catching designs and effects ideal for use on Instagram Reels, Stories and TikToks.


 Canva makes graphic design quick and easy. Whether it’s image editing, social media graphics, Instagram Reels and Stories or free stock images – Canva has it all!

Social media Scheduling

 Meta Business Suite makes scheduling your social media to Facebook and Instagram quick and easy. Whether it’s grid posts, Reels or Stories, you can batch and schedule it all here.

HOSPITALITY knowledge & HOST stories

 Hospitable Hosts 2 brings together the stories and experiences of 44 hosts from around the world, including yours truly, and shares some great insights and tips to be taken away.

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Marketing Expert Speaker at The Book Direct Show 2021 - Sarah Orchard
Marketing Expert Speaker at The Book Direct Show 2021 - Sarah Orchard
Expert Marketing Speaker - The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022 - Sarah Orchard
Expert Marketing Speaker - The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022 - Sarah Orchard